How To Advertise on Facebook and Acquire New Fans and Customers

No matter your marketing budget, learn how to set up profitable
advertising campaigns that turn prospects into customers.

The Facebook Ad System is a premium step-by-step video training course
that will turn you into a Facebook marketing pro in just a few hours.

How most businesses advertise on Facebook:

Advertising the smart way with the Facebook Ad System:

The Facebook Ad System will show you exactly how to:

  • Advertise directly to the exact audience interested in your offer
  • Test and tweak your campaign to make sure not a single dollar is wasted
  • Quickly create powerful adverts that grab attention, build desire, and sell
  • Set up conversion tracking to measure your Return on Investment

... and much, much more!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Secure payment with all major credit cards

Download a FREE Case Study

Our free case study shows exactly how the Facebook Ad System was successfully applied to create, test and optimize a campaign for promoting Tim Ferriss' best-selling book: The 4-Hour Body.

Facebook Ad System Case Study Amazon results

The case study shows how one Facebook campaign generated $1,025.77 in product sales from an ad spend of less than $62.


Each lesson breaks down an important concept of Facebook marketing (with real examples).

Just under 8 hours of HD video — become a Facebook marketing pro in a weekend!

1 What To Do Before You Spend $1 on Ads... 52:13
2 Using the Facebook Ad Interface 47:19
3 Choosing the Right Campaign Objective 33:21
4 Narrowing Down Your Audience and Targeting 47:27
5 Choosing Images and Writing Powerful Headlines 01:20:10
6 Analyzing Campaign Performance 35:02
7 Tracking Conversions with the Facebook Pixel 30:10
8 Testing and Optimizing a Real Campaign 01:32:20
9 Custom/Lookalike Audiences and Retargeting 30:20
10 Generating Leads with Facebook Ads 34:10
Facebook Ad System Screenshots

Each lesson features instructional slides and step-by-step demonstrations of how to apply everything you learn.


"This is a very useful course for anyone interested in advertising on Facebook. Everything is explained in detail - from creating your ad account to actively managing a real campaign. Great course, the instructor speaks clearly and is easy to understand. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in mastering Facebook Ads."
- Brian M.

"Amazing intro to Facebook Ads. Very thorough, and 100% focused on real examples and real results - none of that marketing fluff you'd expect from an Internet course. Each area is covered in its own lesson, and each lesson builds upon the information in the previous ones.

As a business owner, I feel comfortable using the platform on my own now."
- Jessica L.

"I'm so glad I found this course. I've tried other Facebook video lessons (both free and paid), and this is the one I'd recommend for anyone that is serious about growing their biz. Campaign objectives, bidding, goals, making creatives - everything is covered in detail. Thanks again, Nick!"
- David A.

"I work with Social Media professionally, so I was skeptical about whether I'd actually learn anything new from this course. Well, what can I say? The Facebook Ad System proved that there's always more you can learn. These lessons helped fill a lot of knowledge gaps I had about advertising on FB - the creator definitely knows what he's talking about."
- Elaine M.

"If you're balking at the price tag, there's nothing to worry about. This course pays for itself many times over. I've already implemented the optimization tips in my real campaigns and performance has gone up at least 40%. I appreciate products like this, as they help me stay ahead of my competitors."
- Alex S.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Secure payment with all major credit cards


How much do Facebook ads cost?

I hate to say this—but it varies. As a general ballpark, it's quite possible to generate ad clicks for $0.50 and app installs for $3 to $5. As always, these figures will greatly vary by country, user age, platform used (mobile vs. desktop), and so on.

Shouldn't I outsource ads to an agency?

If you can find a good ad agency with transparent pricing, it could be worth a test. In any case, I encourage business owners to run some campaigns themselves first—this way you're way less likely to be tricked by some less-than-honest agencies.

How soon can I see results?

If you're already running Facebook campaigns, even applying our basic tips should more than 2x the ad performance. The real benefits are long term—with the knowledge from our course, you'll be able to get any campaign profitable within a week.

What technical skills do I need?

None. Everything you need to create, run, and optimize Facebook Ads is explained in the course - and there's no coding involved whatsoever. While the Facebook Ad Interface can seem complicated at first, you'll become an expert in no time!

Who are you?

My name is Nick—and I created this product to help freelancers and startups with their marketing. I've spent my whole career optimizing campaigns for big brands, so I know how tough it can be if you don't have a huge budget for campaign testing.

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

I stand by my product. If you're not 100% satisfied with the information in the video course, please let me know and your money will be refunded in full—no questions asked. Please tell me how I can improve!

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